Monday 7 June 2010

Fashion Tips for Different Body Types

Hi there,

Are you looking for a fashion tips for different body types?

If you have ever wondered why certain clothes won't fit you right or don't look right on you, it all comes down to your body type.

It is true most of us would like to would like to be as skinny as the models or celebrities we see on TV but the truth of the matter if you don't understand why your body is the shape it is, you'll forever be hitting a brick wall.

You've probably heard the terms 'apple' body shape or 'pear' body shape, and you probably wonder who came up with the idea of using fruit names to define our body shape.

There are three basic body types that us women fall under, we are either:

Curvaceous: wide hips and thin upper body
Straight: small hips and thin upper body
Round: wide hips and wide upper body

Fashion Tips for Different Body Types

The curvaceous figure is without a doubt the ideal female body type, as curvaceous women can wear pretty much anything, and still look sexy.

If you fall under the curvaceous type, one of the best fashion tips I could share with you it's to wear more jeans and less skirts.

The straight body type is the body type that modeling companies and magazines would like us to believe is best. It is certainly popular but not the healthiest body type, especially if you're a size 0.

The Round shape body type is characterized by a wider top and smaller hips. If you fall under this category, one of the best fashion tips is to wear fitted tops rather than baggy tops, and avoid skinny jeans.


  1. Small hips are definitely not desirable but there is not much you can do unless you get a bum implant:)

  2. you can't change your body genetics but fortunately with a good diet and right exercises you can have the body you want!

  3. Your hair style is another aspect not to overlook. For instance, ladies with wide hips are suited best with long hair

  4. Size 0 for a grown woman is not healthy!